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The Full Story


My goal is to help you get outside. I was raised in the woods, dad had to call me home with a cow horn for dinner because I was wild from the beginning with 60 acers to play on and a bunch of wild children as friends. This is where it started (on this planet) for me. I soon needed structure and became a competitive gymnast, gymnastics coach, then yoga took over my life in a spiritual and disciplined way, I studied shamanism, which wasn't a stretch. I found out from later meeting my great grandmother, a Mohawk woman from Canada. I joined a drum group and became a student of Indigenous teachings. As I then traveled, plant medicines took over and I found nothing was separate and love , self devotion, sacred connection with other gods and goddesses to be my true calling, through adventure alchemy I find I can connect others to nature's teachings and through my art as an actualized goddess and creatirx, I give others the chance to see themselves in nature and  their wildest dreams. through connection to the divine in ourselves we really shine.


 Helping others to remember who they are and connect deeply with nature. Nothing is separate.  guiding others to their own daily practice through yoga, adventure alchemy and sacred self devotion is my natural gift I share.


I wish to see us all shine! Remember how to connect and have pleasure in our daily lives , ready for anything as a wild animal,  senses alive. Adventure ready. Alchemy in this way allows us to shine and manifest our dreams.

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