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  • Best Value

    Gold Membership

    Every month
    Integrate Into The Wild
    Valid for 12 months
    • Goddess session
    • Jade Egg Practice workshop
    • weekly yoga classes geared for sensuality and adventure
    • show up wild audios
    • meditation videos
    • private sesson
    • portal
    • contact me directly for tips and extra training
    • tips on how to arrive ready for adventure
  • Three Sisters

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • ! introduction,1/2 hour -1hour Goddess or God session
    • Unlimited course outlines and specified wild yoga sequences
    • free 30-45 minute innerwild earbud practice for adventures
    • Meditations and Inner Wild earbud practice for adventure
    • Connection to portal
  • Show Up for Yourself

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • weekly yoga classes, themed
    • meditations, audio and visual
    • showup wild audio recording to travel outide with
    • goddess/god session & goal coaching
    • weekly live feed and topics
    • bonus live dance and yoga connections
    • access to portal
  • Donation Class

    • one time class or cacao ceremony
  • Sacred Sensuality

    Every month
    It starts with your self devotion
    Valid for 12 months
    • unlimited videos
    • goddess session
    • jade egg practices
    • weekly live seeions
    • video prompts
    • private group and group sessions
    • dance yoga
    • tantra practices and cues
    • womb wisdom meditation, live and recorded
    • wild women photo session preparation
    • year plan and goal setting accountability
    • diving into connection with nature, pachamama and inner wild
  • Self Love Retreat

    • shuttle from airport
    • meals, breakfast and dinner
    • daily practices and adventures
    • cacao ceremony
    • list of adventures to choose from
    • airplane back to airport
    • so many adventures, waterfall trips
    • guided jungle tour
    • surfing
    • paddleboard
    • goddess photo shoot
    • 10 days oeanside accomodation
  • Self Love & Devotion

    Every month
    #selflove #devotion
    Valid for 3 months
    • Initiation Cacao Ceremony
    • Jade egg practices
    • weekly devotion challanges
    • yin yoga sequences
    • inner wild and sensual dance videos & earbud meditations
    • 1 Goddess session
    • course on capturing your ecstatic essence
    • Yoni Flower photo
    • shakti practices
  • Fireside Flow

    Warm up and add to your inner wild life
    • Fireside Yoga classes prerecorded
    • 1:1 goal setting session on zoom , question and answer
    • Classes available to download !
    • Meditation of your choosing to download!
  • Gentle Yoga

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Private sessions designed especially for you
    • foundation yoga poses
    • many perks!, meditations and sequences
    • video recordings
    • 2 sessions per week
    • fullfilling and calming
    • yin, hatha, vinyasa, kundalini,
  • Abundance & Re-Wild

    Every month
    #innerwild #abundance #re-wild
    Valid for 3 months
    • Goddess session
    • Yoga sequences designed specifically for you
    • Recorded yoga sessions
    • 2 private yoga sessions per week, and recordings
    • Goal stting and acountability
    • Meditation audio of your choosing
    • Sacred senuality, ceremony and cacao offerings
    • Preparation for Goddess photo session
  • Partner Yoga

    • beach or jungle session 1,5 hours
    • zoom sessions avaikable 1,5 hour
    • professional photo shoot if desired
    • gentle approach breath centred movement
    • memorable experience
    • cacao session if desired
  • Fresh Air Retreat

    • Cacao cermony in cedar groves
    • yoga on a mountain and by river
    • personal and group focus
    • techniques to being adventure ready through alchemy
    • group accomadation in Fernie B.C
    • access to local biking, hiking, and epic local trails
    • yoga sequences designed to have you adventure ready
    • ecstaic dance and sensuality session
    • group and private experience
  • root board yoga

    root down and cleanse your ancestral roots
    • 1 hour online or live root board yoga session
    • a class that taps into your roots on multipal levels
    • guided mediations
    • crystal clear healing activation
    • strengthen you yoga from the ground up
  • Eagle Rootboard Yoga

    Valid for one month
    • Live and/or recorded outdoor yoga sessions
    • 4 yoga sessions (sunday/ weekly)
    • private sessions available online or in person
    • get rooted, breathe fresh air
    • develop a deeper connection with your base chalkra
    • crystal clear channel and strength for this year
    • through yoga adventure alchemy teachings
  • Donations

    Show up for yourself!
    Valid for one week
    • This may be for any event where you liked whay I offer
  • Flower goddess

    You are the flower
    • 30 min-1hrlive with Kelly to connect with me
    • And the Yoni Flower Portal
    • Start from where you are now!
    • And who you desire to become
    • Flower in the self
  • Jungle Yoga w Kelly

    Every month
    Keep it wild!
    • 1 45 min-1hr jungle yoga session
    • 4 different loctions to inspire
    • Foundations of yoga and refreshers
    • Animal, wild inspired
    • Restorative, yin/ yang flow
    • Free Flower Goddess session and Yoni Flower photo
    • .. when you inspire two others to join!
    • So much love!
  • Cacao Ceremony

    Group on the beach, or studio, honoring mama cacao , sacred elements, beach fire, dance, music.
    • Cacao seeds, fruut, drink
    • Guided honoring of this sacred medicine
    • Movement , dance, music
    • Beach fire and swimming
    • Jungle walk, jungle river cacao ceremony
    • self devotiion , partner ceremony
    • More knowledge of this plant.
  • Photo shoot

    Beach, jungle photos by donation
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